Our Services
  • Innovation
    Latest design and unconventional results that satisfy and give a competitive edge.
  • HCP Marketing
    Managing relations with HCP’s in order to provide support and resources to offer better health for patients.
  • Payer Marketing
    New improved ideas that meet the challenges in managed care and related healthcare business segments.
  • Analytics
    Tailor-made tools, approaches and platforms that cater to client’s needs.
  • Branding & Design
    Interacting with brands that challenge the status quo and aim at bringing about change in beliefs and behaviours.
  • Media
    Connecting brands and people to media in order to make businesses successful.
  • Social
    Giving a holistic social expertise to create a synchronised social media driven by analytics and data.
  • Training
    Advanced training and maximising information retention to deliver superior results.
  • Mobile
    Engaging in the latest forms of mobile technology to provide dynamic experiences with brands.
  • Content
    Linking companies with their audiences through experiences, real-time social conversations and co-creation.
  • Strategy Consulting
    Analysing strategies with deep operational and marketing understanding to optimize commercialisation.
  • Production
    Making sure that the execution is impeccable and a team on professionals are working on it.
  • Digital/MCM/CRM
    Customised one-to-one experiences based on a data-driven approach that flow seamlessly across channels and devices.
  • PR/Advocacy/Public Health
    Substantial research in corporate and internal communications, media relations, public health and medical education, crisis and issues management.
  • Consumer/Patient Marketing
    Finding out what influences consumers/patients to understand what strategy works on them.