1. Is this a certified course?

Yes, this is a sunSTRATEGIC certified course. sunSTRATEGIC is a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in Content, Creative, Digital PR, Online Marketing, Web Design, Digital Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Digital Communication for some of the biggest names in India. You will be certified in our courses from a digital agency that practices what it teaches. Our certification is recognized across the globe and we can verify your attendance as needed.

2. What is the duration of the course?

The duration of our courses is normally between 5-7 weeks. Some may take up to 12 weeks. Most of our courses are weekend courses. Some courses run only on Saturdays. The timing of the course usually is 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

3. Who can partake in the course?

Anyone interested in learning about digital marketing, project management, agile scrum, photography, content curation, display advertising and digital strategy can partake in our courses whether you work for an agency or on the client side or are a freelancer. Should you wish to advance your career, you can participate in our courses. People who are pursuing careers as SEO analysts, marketing manager, brand managers, content writers, editors, designers, marketing quality control, developers, freelancer and students who wish to advance their careers must participate in our courses. We also provide corporate training. Contact us at (+91) 22 4011 1446 / (+91) 22 4013 1447 or email us at training@sun-strategic.com for further queries.

4. Which course should I join?

The course you join depends upon the career advancement that you are looking for. All our courses provide hands on exercises, case studies and real world experiences to get a feel of what it takes to be a professional in your chosen field. As we are an agency, we will give you invaluable insights into how digital marketing is really conducted and the pros and cons as well as expert tips as how to make a great career in Digital marketing. We provide you live examples so you are well equipped and well prepared for the job you wish to pursue.

5. Do I need to do any work before the start of the course?

It will be helpful if you have some knowledge about the course that you have chosen. Some courses have prerequisite case studies to be read before the course begins which will be sent across via email once you sign up for your course.

6. How do I book a seat in the course?

You can register with us on our website here to book a seat. You can also call us at (+91) 22 4011 1446 / (+91) 22 4013 1447 or email us at training@sun-strategic.com.

7. Will my money be refunded if I’m unable to attend after booking?

There will be no refunds.

8. What if a course that I would like to attend is fully booked?

If a course you wish to attend is fully booked, we will put you on a reserve list and email you if a place becomes available. For popular courses, we will organize repeat courses throughout the year. Please contact us on (+91) 22 4011 1446 / (+91) 22 4013 1447 or email us at training@sun-strategic.com to know more.

9. What happens if a course is cancelled?

All participants will be advised by email, and where possible, we will automatically transfer you to a re-scheduled session.

10. Where can I find more information about training courses?

All the information about the course can be found in the PDF sent to your registered email address after you sign in. If you have any further queries, email us at training@sun-strategic.com.

11. When would the registrations for the courses open?

You can register directly from the website. Since the seats are limited, registrations will be done on first come first serve basis. You can also contact us at (+91) 22 4011 1446 / (+91) 22 4013 1447 or email us at training@sun-strategic.com to register for a course.

12. Where will the courses be conducted?

The course will be conducted in Mumbai and the address will be sent to you via email.

13. Do we provide corporate training?

Yes we provide corporate training. Contact us at (+91) 22 4011 1446 / (+91) 22 4013 1447 or email us at training@sun-strategic.com for more information.

14. Who will be delivering these courses?

Our trainers have over 20 years of experience and more than 6 years of training experience in E-commerce, Digital Marketing and IT community. Some of our trainers are well-established entrepreneurs who are known for building businesses in the digital arena.

15. What things are required for attending these courses?

Please bring a laptop and a book if you want to take notes. We will be giving handouts for the courses during the lectures.

16. Are there any prerequisites for these courses?

There are no prerequisite to attend this courses. You are welcome to attend if you want to know about online marketing or plan to make career in digital marketing.