ORM and Training Content for Retail Giant
About the client
The Retail Client is the biggest furniture, mattresses and home décor dealer in USA. Established in 1981, our client has consistently ranked in Furniture Today's Top 100 Furniture Retailers for some time and currently ranks as the Sales-per-Square-Foot leader for independent retailers in the United States. The business makes around $200 million in sales per year. They started by selling less expensive furniture targeted toward lower-income individuals, but has expanded to include higher-end furniture.

The Retail Client is committed to selling the highest quality American made furniture at various locations, helping to provide great jobs for American workers and making the American economy stronger. These buyers are furniture experts who know what it takes for furniture to last and become heirlooms. Many of the American furniture makers the client buys from are the master craftsmen who build their incredibly beautiful solid wood works of art one at a time the old fashioned way in their own barns. These buyers get to see America like few others and they get to meet so many wonderful American craftsmen that because of our client, they get to do what they do best that is, make the most beautiful, heirloom quality solid wood masterpieces that the others refer to as furniture.

The Challenge [campaign idea and objectives]
Client has been on board with us since Feb 2019. Our client is among the prominent furniture retailers in the United States. Due to their popularity, they have high engagement, social media profiles. Our client has accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, FB Messengers. They are also present on Google Reviews and Yelp. These accounts have people visiting and expressing their views on them every day. They receive over 35,000 honest reviews from real customers on Google and Facebook on an average. Though interacting with the customers is very crucial, managing these comments and personally responding to them daily becomes a tedious task.

About the idea of the campaign
After careful analysis and review of the database and responses, we created a strategy based on the industries the client caters to, online services and engagement they offer to accelerate the brand’s name and image in the market. We are entitled to their Online Reputation Management (ORM), which makes us responsible for replying to the comments of these people and furnish their queries with suitable answers. With the motive of enhancing engagement on the platforms and increasing sales lead, we prepared a plan that involved training on responses, working on the feedback of FB responses, posting FB responses for both owner’s and business accounts, and so on.

About the execution of the campaign
For managing our client’s online reputation, we started with the brand’s social and online presence for which we inspected the website, social media, services and clientele. This helped us gain sight of the achievements of our client.

We are handling Facebook accounts for our client and creating content for ORM as well as content for training that is in use as per client requirements. Our mode of operation spans up to 21 functional hours and the communication with the USA team is mostly carried out through Email primarily and for live assistance applications like Google meet.

There are no categories as such but the four major type of reviews that content is created usually gets are mentioned below:
  • Attribution
  • ORM
  • Rating and Review (including salesman’s or sales team’s name)
  • Negative Rating and Review

About the content of the campaign
The content of the campaign is always up to date, knowledge-based, insightful, innovative, trending and effective. The content has been successful in speaking to the targeted audience through several known and big automobile digital platforms.